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Sustainable Sailing Expeditions for adventurous eco-friendly travelers

Set sail on an adventure

& Rebel for change!

Join PIRATES for PLANET and jump onboard our

Sustainable Sailing Expeditions

Are you too a

Drawing of skeleton with marine cap and telescope


of both land and sea

Drawing of octopus on top of treasure crate


of the true treasures of life

Drawing of a wave


for real change

Raised fist with octopus tentacle wrapped around


is a sailing collective for adventurous anti-heroes for real change in this f@*%cked up world! We rebel for a radically different lifestyle that protects the planet and all of its species. Join us onboard our Sustainable Sailing Expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea this summer and help us with our mission!

We believe we urgently need to reconnect to nature in order to raise awareness and create sustainable change. And we Pirates know like no other that sailing is a transformative experience that strengthens our bond to the natural elements.

That’s why we organize Sustainable Sailing Expeditions to unite eco-friendly travelers in their mission to make this planet a little better!

Sustainable Sailing Expeditions

Drawing of sailboat

Connect to Nature

All we need is
wind, sun & sea

Icon representing team work

Embrace Positive Impact

Our pirate lifestyle is
sustainable, ocean-friendly & plantbased

Drawing of compass

Sail with Purpose

Embark on an adventure that is unconventional, meaningful & enriching

Sustainable Sailing Expedition in the Mediterranean Sea, view of our teak deck and sails

What to expect onboard our
Sustainable Sailing Expeditions?

Drawing of sailboat in front of a mountain

Life can get a little dull at times…
But not when you’re a pirate at sea!

Captain teaching our Pirates for Planet how to sail during our Sustainable Sailing Expedition

Learn to sail

You will learn all the basics of sailing, no experience needed! And for those who’ve already sailed before, there will be plenty of opportunities to put your skills into practice.

Enjoy community life

We’re a tiny community in the middle of the sea and each and every one of us has an important role to fulfill on our ship! We sail together, cook together, clean together and have a hell of a lot of fun together!

Pirates for Planet enjoying an aperitivo on board our sustainable sailing expedition during sunset
View of our sailboat in the middle of the bay surrounded by lush green mountains

Immerse in nature

Expect mesmerizing seaviews, lush mountains and rocky cliffs, all sorts of beaches and vegetations, small islands and bigger ones, and find stillness in watching the sunset together on deck…

Meet like-minded pirates

Connect with others who share your values, interests, and desire for adventure. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from, or what experience you have in sailing. Anyone can be a Pirate for Planet!

Group picture of our Sustainable Sailing Expedition showing 6 Pirates for Planet with pirateflag
Aerial droneshot of our sailboat Ketch Endurance 44 during one of our sailing expeditions

Sustainable Sailing Expeditions

Our Sailing Program for 2023 is coming online soon! Register for e-mail updates and be the first to know where and when we go sailing.

In the meantime, dream away and have a look at our past expeditions from 2022!

Sustainable Lifestyle Onboard

Where governments and corporations fail, pirates thrive and take over terrain. So let’s take matters into own hands!

Onboard our ship, we collectively live the new paradigm our world desperately needs:

Drawing of steering wheel and wind rose


Wind for sails and sun for energy

let’s use the engine as little as possible!


100% Vegan, delicious food

Fuck packaged foods, let’s make it ourselves!

Turtle caught in fishing net and trash


Fresh food from local farmers markets

Let’s boycott plastic as much as possible!

Drawing of handmade biodegrdable soap


100% Biodegradable products for cleaning and hygiene

Let’s stop dumping chemicals in our seas

View of our sailboat wood interior: galley and kitchen

Discover our Sailboat

View of our sailboat's cockpit where we trim the jib

Meet the founders

Logo Pirates for Planet 1800

Anti-heroes for change
Sustainable Sailing Expeditions
Eco & Vegan Activism

Learn more

Connect with us


Pirates for Planet ETS
Founded in Trentino, Italy

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Logo Pirates for Planet 1800

Anti-heroes for change
Sustainable Sailing Expeditions
Eco & Vegan Activism

Connect with us


Pirates for Planet ETS
Founded in Trentino, Italy

© 2022 –  Pirates for Planet ETS – privacy policy

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