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Pirates for Planet Skull with octopus tentacles wrapped around

About us

We are PIRATES for PLANET – in short P4P – a sustainable sailing collective for conscious and inspiring rebels (like you) who want to be a change in this f*#@cked up world!

We are an Italian-based environmental association (ETS), founded in 2021 by two passionate sailors that wanted to use the power of sailing to inspire positive change in the world.

Pirates for Planet Captain steering our sailboat, showing full sails

Our Mission

We, Pirates for Planet, are dedicated to raising awareness of the major threats our planet is facing. We believe we urgently need lifestyle changes and activism to protect our endangered natural world. That’s why we organize Sustainable Sailing Expeditions, as a great learning experiment to share with others how we can do things differently.

Sustainable Sailing Expeditions drawing of sailboat


to reconnect to the natural world

Raising awareness: Turtle caught in fishing net and trash


of the environmental crisis we’re facing

Inspiring Change: Drawing of raised fist with octopus tentacle wrapped around


to protect the planet and all of its species

The Planet desperately needs more Pirates!

Drawing of Pirate skull inside steering wheel

We’re witnessing turbulent times. Our natural world is seriously endangered, our societies are suffering under unjust power structures and inequality, and on top of that, are we sensing a serious lack of meaning and direction in our lives.

This is exactly what a 21st-century Pirate for Planet should rebel against.

Our relationship with nature, with others, and with ourselves must change immediately if we want a sustainable future for all of us. Fortunately, there has been a massive paradigm shift taking place. Emerging crises have expanded our awareness on so many levels: politically, environmentally, and psychologically. Many of us realize that our lifestyles and societies are destroying our planet, our fellow species, and also our own sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Never before have so many people awakened to strive for a radical and sustainable change worldwide. That’s why we founded Pirates for Planet, to join this massive wave of collective change!

Our Pirates for Planet Manifesto

What change do we propose? What do we stand for?
What do we envision when speaking of sustainable lifestyle changes?

Sustainable Sailing: Drawing of sailboat

Sustainable Sailing

We have turned to low-impact travel with respect for oceans and animals.

Eco Conscious Living: Drawing depicting Eco Consciousness, tree, ying yang

Eco Conscious Living

We don’t waste food, water or energy, use only biodegradable products, and strive for zero waste.

Vegan Power: Drawing of broccoli

Vegan Power

We encourage our Pirates to try a vegan diet because of animal welfare, the planet and our health.

DIY-Mentality: drawing of toolbox


We abstain from excessive consumerism, instead, we prefer to make/build/grow/invent it ourselves.

Teamwork: drawing of group of people high fiving


We are dedicated to working together for a lasting collective impact.

Purposeful Living: Drawing of compass

Purposeful Living

We find meaning in living an adventurous, fulfilling life while protecting our planet.

Pirates for Planet captain and first mate showing a table full of fruits and vegetables from local farmer's market
This is what our weekly plastic-free shopping from the local farmer’s market look like.

Why are we doing this?

We, as Pirates for Planet, truly believe we need more REAL-LIFE experiences in order to raise awareness and bring about change in our collective mindset.

We know that sailing is a life-changing experience that has the unique power to reconnect us to nature and ourselves.

By spending time out there at sea, in close relation to the natural elements and away from our comfort zone on land, we somehow change inside. We are not the masters of nature anymore, nature is our master. The sea, the wind, and the weather dictate what you should do, not the other way around.

Sailing changes your perspective on the world and humbles you. Sailing reminds you to show enormous respect to our wonderful nature. We believe that sailing can trigger the needed commitment to start caring for and protecting our planet.

Pirates for Planet group picture during Sailing Expedition showing 6 Pirates for Planet with pirateflag

And that’s exactly what our world needs: more inspired and dedicated change-makers, activists, rebels, anti-heroes, in short, a movement of


that act straight from the heart. Because honestly, it’s up to us to actually make a change!

Logo Pirates for Planet 1800

Anti-heroes for change
Sustainable Sailing Expeditions
Eco & Vegan Activism

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Pirates for Planet ETS
Founded in Trentino, Italy

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Logo Pirates for Planet 1800

Anti-heroes for change
Sustainable Sailing Expeditions
Eco & Vegan Activism

Connect with us


Pirates for Planet ETS
Founded in Trentino, Italy

© 2022 –  Pirates for Planet ETS – privacy policy

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