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Sustainable sailing expedition from Mykonos to Amorgost at the Cyclades Islands of Greece

Sailing from Mykonos to Amorgos:

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Check-in at Mykonos on Sunday 10 July 2022 at 17:00

Check-out at Amorgos on Sunday 17 July 2022 at 09:00

8 days, 7 nights

Sailing Route

Mykonos (Cyclades) Greece – Amorgos (Cyclades) Greece

No sailing experience needed: beginner-friendly expedition

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Spots available

3 Pirates registered – Still 2 spots available!
The expedition is confirmed! No cancellation risk.

Pirates for Planet Route of our Sustainable Sailing Expedition from Mykonos to Amorgos, Cyclades Islands Greece

Sustainable Sailing Expedition at the Cyclades Islands:
from Mykonos to Amorgos

Jump onboard our Sustainable Sailing Expedition at the Cyclades, 33 islands and islets of Greece!

We will start our journey in famous Mykonos. From there, we will sail southwards to Amorgos. Possible islands we will pass by are Delos, Rineia, Paros, Naxos, and the Lesser Cyclades, a group of 6 smaller islands.

Finally, we’ll arrive in Amorgos, known for its dramatic mountain scenery and the famous shipwreck Olympia on one of its beaches.

Our exact sailing route (apart from departure and arrival destination) depends entirely on wind directions and weather conditions and will be decided on board during the expedition. And of course, we are happy to take into consideration our pirates’ suggestions. Let’s follow the wind!

Program Onboard

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Let’s go sailing, no experience is needed! You will learn all the basics of sailing and everyone can participate in the manoeuvers. Expect short passages of a few hours and sometimes longer tracts.

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Once arrived at a good spot, we drop our anchor and stay on board the boat or go on land with our little boat, the dinghy. We spend most time at sea but sometimes we’ll visit places on land or go to the harbour.


Get ready to be active! We cooperate as a crew and help with all tasks on board to keep the boat going: sailing, cooking, cleaning dishes, keeping deck and hull clean, and documenting our expedition.

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Let’s keep our expeditions ocean-friendly! That means all meals on board are vegan (gluten-free upon request) and we avoid buying packaged foods. We use only biodegradable products to not contaminate our seas with damaging chemicals.

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The ultimate goal of joining our expeditions is to turn yourself into a fully trained PIRATE for PLANET! Every day, we’ll dedicate some time to group activities that are in line with our values and mission to promote change for a better planet.


All contributions go fully to the organization of our expeditions
and working of our association.

Shared bunk bed cabin on board our sailboat Grazieba

Shared Cabin
Bunk Bed
€500 per person

Private cabin on board our sailboat Grazieba

Private Cabin
Single Bed
€550 for one person

V-berth cabin with double bed on board our sailboat Grazieba

Private Cabin
Double Bed

What’s included

  • Licensed captain and first mate
  • P4P annual membership and insurance
  • All meals onboard (all dry stock included, fresh fruit and vegetables are extra)
  • Unlimited purified drinking water
  • Accomodation & bedsheets
  • Use of biodegradable hygiene products (shampoo, soap, toothpaste)
  • Sailing classes and activities onboard
  • Use of yoga mats, snorkeling equipment, …
  • Check-Out Cleaning

What’s extra

  • Fuel for the boat’s engine*
    Calculated after the trip based on engine hours.
  • Harbours*
    *Fuel costs and harbour fees will be divided in between all pirates (captain and first mate pay one part).
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits from farmer’s market (around 20€ pp) and alcohol consumption onboard

    Extra expenses depend on weather conditions, prices of the harbours and your personal habits, estimated between 80 – 150€ per person.

Our sailboat Grazieba, a Ketch Endurance 44

Our Sailboat Grazieba

  • Ketch Endurance 44 feet (14 meter)
  • 2 masts, 5 sails
  • Green energy from solar panels and wind generator
  • Watermaker and water purification tank
  • 4 cabins, and long teak deck to relax outside

How to get there

How to get to Mykonos

Departure on 10 July 2022 in Mykonos

  • Airports near Mykonos are Mykonos, Athens, Santorini
  • Mykonos has a great ferry connection to Athens, with prices ranging from 35€ tot 70€. Check Ferryscanner for tickets and timetables.

How to leave from Amorgos

Arrival on 17 July 2022 in Amorgos

  • From Amorgos, take a ferry to the international airport of Athens, Mykonos or Santorini. Check Ferryscanner or search on Google (ferry from … to …). We also find this article helpful.

Important Notice

During the summer months in Greece, there can be very strong northern winds, called meltémi. It is not uncommon that these winds affect ferries, causing delays or cancellations. So if you’re heading back to the airport of Athens/Mykonos/Santorini to catch a flight, leave yourself a day extra to make sure you don’t miss it! Same counts for arriving on time at the start of the expedition.

Don’t worry, we help you find the best connection! Fill in the reservation form or contact us for any questions.

Captain and first mate, the crew onboard our sustainable sailing expeditions and founders of Pirates for Planet

Meet the Crew

We are your captain, Tommaso, and first mate, Laura, the founders of Pirates for Planet and the crew that will guide this expedition!

Pirates for Planet enjoying an aperitivo on board our Sustainable Sailing Expeditions in the Mediterranean

See you at sea!

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Logo Pirates for Planet 1800

Anti-heroes for change
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Eco & Vegan Activism

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Pirates for Planet ETS
Founded in Trentino, Italy

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